02 June, 2012

attempting awesome

We all slept in late this fine Saturday morning. After slowly stumbling out of bed, one by one, by 10am we were in full play mode (that's precisely 6 minutes after my coffee was finished brewing). I have been trying to find contentment in staying home, something that is hard for me because we all love being out and about and on the go. I'm learning to say YES more than I say no.

The kids were getting antsy because the sun was shining after several days of gloom. I sent them all out back but sometimes, the same ol' backyard just won't do. I was huddled on the couch with my 2nd cup of coffee, surfing Pinterest from my phone, reveling in the quiet for just a moment. Do you know how many kids crafts & projects I've got pinned? LOTS. It's EASY to pin something but actually doing it requires a whole lot more. Something inside me sparked and I jumped of the couch, full of "I'm going to do an awesome, pin-worthy project with my kids!" My steps were quick and I felt very much put together as I started pulling items out of my cupboards for some sort of dough/gak.

"I should blog about this wonderful thing I'm about to let my kids experience! Oh, and pictures!" I thought. So, maybe this would be the first post in months onto a blog that's touched maybe 5 times a year. I was doing something show-off-worthy and I was going to blog about it, gosh darn it!

Problem #1: Not enough flour. Problem 2#: No baby oil.

That's ok! I'll improvise! I grab some olive oil and head outside. By now the kids are following me around asking 100 questions. I try to be patient and say, "We're going to do something FUN!" I dump the flour and olive oil in a large, shallow rubbermaid container. I attempt to mix it together to create "Moon Dough" but it's just not happening. Meanwhile, the children are just staring at me, possibly thinking I'm all sorts of crazy.

I decided to go with the flow and pretend like I was doing something on purpose! I said, "Hang on guys, this is going to be awesome!" and I bound inside to grab more supplies. Measuring cups, spatulas, a large bucket of tinted green water, more random baking powders, and my camera. I set it on the ground and told them to "Go ahead."

And just like that, they were mixing and dumping and stirring and making a big goopy mess.

My lesson? Sometimes, details just don't matter. Projects and fun with your kids doesn't have to be pin-worthy or even pretty in order to be a success.

I snapped some photos of them discovering and then I just sat back in the grass and watched them create. They were silent for the most part, occasionally blurting out "EWW look at this! This is sticky! Can I eat it?" and eventually it turned into a restaurant of sorts and I was served sloppy soup and lemonade.

It wasn't until an hour into playing that I realized that I'd also have to clean up this "awesome" mess. Hosing them off wasn't an option because it's barely 70 degrees today. But carrying them all into the bath wasn't too appealing either. The flour, water, baking soda, corn starch mix was getting thick and hard with each passing minute. I considered carrying buckets of hot water out to their pool, in fact I DID carry three buckets out before that got old. Thankfully I never took the hose adapter of our bathroom sink (I'm kind of laughing at myself for not doing so. Laughing but grateful today!) from Charlie's birth...18 months ago. Lazy? No...smart! In no time we had a very warm pool filling up on the patio. Add some bath soap and it's an instant hot tub party outside. It didn't take long for them to all strip down, promising to stay on the patio behind the privacy fence.

The way I see it, I used just as much water as I would to fill the tub & you'd better believe this is totally their bath for the day. AND...3 hours later and they are all out there in the 'hot tub' again! We are so resourceful!
When I hooked the hose up Analee whispered with a big grin, "Are you having a homebirth today?"