23 February, 2012

Brian Arthur

Brian Arthur
10/15/08 7lbs 12oz
1 year old 19 lbs
2 years old 25.4lbs
3 years old 28 lbs
4 years old 32 lbs

[17 Oct 2008 Friday]

Brian Arthur

This is just the start of a work in progress, also known as Brian's birth story. I want to write right now while it's still fresh. I will add to it as I need to and update here.

I was due with Brian around October 27th and had felt all along that he would come a little early. I had been joking with people that the 14th was the full moon and hoped that it would send me into labor. Also, my good friend, Rebekah, was due on the 15th and we had been saying for a while how cool it would be to have our babies on the same day. I had my 38 week appointment with my OB on the morning of the 14th and she said I was dialated to 4cm already. Of course this would excite any pregnant woman ready to give birth! I went home so excited but trying NOT to be so excited because I knew very well it could still be weeks before he arrived. I went about my day with a gut feeling that it would in fact be soon. I installed the baby's carseat, got a few things checked off of my to-do list, and finished packing my hospital bag. We went to bed around 10 that night, not expecting in the least what the next 12 hours would bring.

I woke up out of a dead sleep at 12:50am on the 15th with a mild contraction. A few moments later, another. I laid in bed until 1:30am with the contractions coming about 6 minutes apart when I finally decided to get up and walk around to see if they went away. I paced my living room, ate a banana, and got on the computer. The contractions kept coming ever 4-6 minutes and were pretty managable. Around 2:30am they became a little stronger and I was needing to actually focus on my breathing to get through them. I tried sitting in a warm bath for a while and that helped, but while in there I noticed some "bloody show" and decided to get out and wake up Brandon. By this time, the contractions were 3 mintues apart, lasting about 1 minute each, and really requiring some focus on my part. I told Brandon what was going on and tried to lay back down for a little bit. I instantly got sick to my stomach and had Brandon running for the trash can so I could vomit. It was about 4am by now and he started gathering our things for the hospital. Standing up was not an option as I had thought it would be from the different positions we had practiced in our Bradley Method classes. I stayed on my birthing ball for the next hour or so before we left for the hospital. I called my sister Meliessa and she arrived to stay with Analee at 5am and Brandon and I left.

The car ride is a bit of a blur. I think I had my eyes closed mostly as I breathed through contractions. We checked in and got into our room pretty quickly. I had sent out text messages a little earlier letting friends and family know I was in labor, Rebekah (my friend who was due on the 15th) was one of them. No sooner did we pull into the parking lot did I get a reply from her that said "I'm here already." We were both in labor at the same exact time! So anyway, we got into our room and the nurse wanted to check me just to see where we were at. She couldn't even feel any cervix and thought I was at 10cm, so another nurse checked and thought it was more of a 9. I tried using their "labor tub" which I found to be no help at all! It was like a standard bath tub...but even more shallow. So my belly wasn't even submerged, not to mention the barely luke-warm water they filled it with. I stayed in there for a little while and suddenly needed to push. I think it was just before 7am when I moved to the bed and my nurse checked me again and said I was fully dialated and ready to push. My doula, Bobbi, had arrived at this time also.

Other than the one contraction in the labor tub, I don't think I ever actually felt the urge to push. I was encouraged to try pushing with each contraction and I think I did try, although I think I this is about when I went through transition and everything was a blur for a little bit, I don't remember actually starting to push. However, things got serious pretty quickly and I was up on the squatting bar pushing with all of my might. My legs were falling asleep so Bobbi suggested that I try hands and knees position and I remember I kept saying "I don't know what to do! What should I do??" and then tried a new position. I was having terrible back labor and pushing was not bringing any relief like you hear a lot of women say it does. The only thing that got me through each contraction was tons of counter pressure on my back and hips. Between Brandon, Bobbi, and my mom, someone (or 2 of them at some points!) was pushing with all of their strength on my lower back and hips and when they stopped, I yelled, "GET ON MY BACK! DON'T LEAVE ME!" After almost 2 hours of pushing I started to get really discouraged. My doctor check to see where he was at and he was still quite far up the birth canal. At this point I was so ready to quit. I kept saying "it's not working!" and "he's stuck...I just want to be done!" Bobbi was AMAZING with encouraging me to stick with it and telling me how every single birth is different and Brian just needed more time and encouragement. I kept trying. I was in a totally different world in my mind. I pictured begging for drugs or even the c-section to just get it over with. But I had my mom in one ear, Bobbi in the other, and Brandon completely physically supporting me...I knew I could push through. The doctor had offered to break my water at some point and although I didn't want any form of intervention, I let her, just hoping it would bring forth some progress. Well, it didn't. Brian was below the bag of waters so there was no release since he was basically blocking the bag.

About another hour of strenuous pushing went by and I finally asked for something to help me relax and take some pain away. We decided on an epidural since the IV drugs make you really loopy and only take the edge off, not the worst part of the contractions. So the doctor called up the anestesiologist. I had to have a liter of saline first so the IV was hooked up. By the time that was finished, the anestesiologist was ready to start the epidural. I was about to begin a contraction so I asked her to wait a minute...and wouldn't you know it, Brian began to crown! Little bugger!!! I think it was 3-4 contractions later, at 10:37am, that he finally came out. We concluded that he was most likely face up and stuck on my tailbone that whole time, hence the back labor and pushing for 4 hours, and by the grace of GOD decided to turn and decend at the very moment I was begging for pain medication. The nurse kept saying, "See..he just needed to be threatened a little bit!" and then Bobbi would say, "No..he just needed some encouragement." She stayed so positive the entire time and I can't even begin to tell you how much that helped. Everyone in the room that day played their role perfectly. Brandon was my phsyical rock...he stayed by my side the entire time and while he was pretty much silent, he did just what I needed him to do. My mom was sweet and comforting and I even yelled out "MOOOOMMM!" during a few hard pushes. Bobbi kept talking to me and reassuring me that this was what my body was meant to do and she helped my mom and Brandon with supporting me. And Brandons mom, Judy, stayed supportive from far way. Haha...she was awesome. She was silent and strong and kept control over herself. LOL That's only funny if you know that she probably wanted to yell "get the drugs!!!" the entire time. She did amazing and supported me in the exact way I needed her to. And my doctor and nurse...they were awesome. I was so dead set on doing this alone and not needing their help. And while they didn't play much of a part during my labor, they were so cooperative with my birth plan and so encouraging while we fought and pushed for 4 hours. They left all of the decision making up to me and didn't try to push medical interventions.

I got to hold my sweet little man immediately. Skin to skin. It was amazing. He had a beautiful cone head from his rough journey, but he cried and cried and then began nursing right away. It was so surreal, to finally have him in my arms after everything we had just been through. My doctor gave me a few stitches for a 2nd degree tear and then they let us be. I held him for another 45 minutes before they weighed and measured him. He was 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and 20 inches long. Brandon then held him for the first time and then my sisters and the Grandpa's came in. Shortly after that, Miss Analee got to meet her brother. I had her come sit by me first because I hadn't seen her since the night before. She was so sweet and curious about my IV and everyting going on around us. Brandon handed me Brian and Analee was amazed! She softly said, "Ooh...baby!" We explained that that was the Brian we had been talking about all along...she just sat and smiled and touched his face. I tried to put her down but she wanted to stay close by. Brandon took Brian and THEN she wanted down...turns out she just wanted to be by Brian! We had the chance to go home after 6 hours but I decided to stay the full 24 because I literally felt like I had been hit by a semi. We moved to our recovery suite shortly after birth and left the next morning by 11am.

Brian is doing amazing and nursing like a little pro. He gags a lot but the pediatrician said that was normal, especially since he was sitting the birth canal for so long, he probably swalled a bit of amniotic fluid and needed to get it out. Analee loves him and asks to hold him all of the time. She has been a little more testy than usual but overall she is doing awesome considering this new life in our house.

And as for me, I feel pretty amazing, too. My muscles are very sore but that's pretty much my only complaint. It was so awesome to be able to move around, use the toilet by myself, and not feel so drugged and out of it after his birth.


A snippet I wrote about Brian when he was 6 months old:
 Brian was such a trooper. He, like Analee last year, gasped and gulped as the wind hit his face. It wasn't terribly windy, but we got a few gusts here and there. He was bundled up in his blue fleece suit and snuggled right in when I put him in the stroller. It didn't take long for him to drift off into baby dreamland.

'Bout time I start a blog just for my sweet & spicy Brian. He's 3 years, 4 months old and quite the character! He's up. He's down. He's totally cool, laid back. And then he's furrowing his brows and grumbling about how his eyes are watering and someone *must* wipe them right NOW!

There truly is never a dull moment with this boy. At any given moment, he is either a power ranger, a dino, a 'supa hereo', rocket man, or just about any other person or object that runs, jumps, and fights. In his down moments, he is cuddly and very empathetic. He'll be the first to apologize in an argument (after you wipe his eyes, of course!) or remind me "Momma, I'M obeying!" :-)

More love gushiness on Brian to come....


‎"Momma! When I run and jump over stuff, you have to guess what I'm playin', OK??"
'Ok, olympics? Racer? Rocket ship? Dinosaur?'
"Nope. I'm a runner pap. I do paps and pappers and love papping." -Brian

Pap?? That's not a lisp or mispronounced word. I don't know what it is but he sure thinks it's awesome!

While at the movie theater themed dentist checking out a gray tooth Brian has (he smacked it on the tile floor), Brian saw a Tangled movie trailer poster above his exam chair. I asked him who loves Tangled? He said, "Analee dooz! Maybe, momma, she can fall and hurt her teef and come to dentist to see dis?" What a thoughtful boy! The dentist and I had to hold back our laughter and I explained to him that she could come see it in a few months for her routine cleaning.


Analee & I were doing a reading lesson and Brian wanted SO badly to join us (he usually has quiet time in his room while we're reading) so I let him sit quietly with us. He grew wiggly very quickly so I gave him a task to keep him busy, asked him to get my coffee creamer and a spoon out of the fridge. After standing in the fridge for a few minutes, he said, "I'm weally sorry momma, but your coffee cweamer says "coffee wate" on it. I'm weally sorry." Puzzled, I asked him to point to where it said that and he pointed to the label "Coffee Mate" Seriously??? He sounded it out! WTG 3 year old! I'm not sure why he was apologizing though, lol.
Just overheard Analee say, "Brian there is a song that says 'cry out to Jesus' and that means like when you're sad and you cry for mommy? Well you can also cry out to Jesus! That's what that means." Brian says, "Ooooooh! Well you wanna know another cool song?" She says, "Sure..."

"Go go power rangers! Mighty morphin power rangers! Dat means da power wangers are gonna fight! POW POW!"

We're a pretty diverse crowd.

Brian, telling a dream:
"I had a dream that there was a REAL GOD, like right HERE.  And you and papa were died and I cried out to God to save you and He DID!  That was my favoritest dream ever."

After a trip to the zoo:
"I smelled the stink of the buffalo!"