09 September, 2010

Life is still good.

Oh happy day?

Yes, it will be a happy day. That is, after I finish this cup of coffee. We've had a whirlwind of a morning already...let me tell you. Brian is a might early riser & was up and at 'em at 5:55am. I convinced him to come snuggle with me for a bit with his blankie, binkie, and Woody doll. We cuddled & he nursed for a while. And then suddenly I hear "There's a Snake in My Boot!" followed by 8 more Woody catch phrases. Each one with a little boy giggle behind it.

Yeah, yeah...fun & cute wake up call. It just might have been a little more sweet if it was an hour later. But, lucky me, daddy gets up with Brian. So off to the living room the boys went and I rolled over, pulled the blankets tightly up to my ears, and dozed off again. Brandon had to leave for work at 7:45 so when he left, he opened our door so Brian could get me if he needed me. Our duplex is really small and Brian usually chills out with some morning cartoons until about 8 when Analee and I wake up. But this morning he came back in right as Brandon was leaving and wanted up on the bed. I pulled him up and dozed back off. And shockingly, so did he! A very, very rare occurance. This boy goes from 0-60 the minute he wakes up and does not settle down on his own so easily, so I took full advantage of his sleepy self & snuggled up next to him.

And then...chaos erupted. A sharp SCREAM, a scream that could only come from my girl, woke me from a deep morning slumber. I jumped out of bed so smoothly as to not wake Brian up, but in the process I jammed my poor little pinky toe on something. I ran into the bathroom and found a very devastated Analee, jammies half way off and soaked, standing in a large pee puddle.

Now let me stop for a second. I need to tell you that Analee HATES messing up. She hates messes & feels so badly when she does something wrong. The look on her face was more painful than the thought of having to now mop my bathroom floor all the while I coulda still been sleeping with Brian. It was more painful than my throbbing toe that I hadn't even taken .2 seconds to look at.

She immediately started apologizing and saying "I couldn't get the zipper all of the way down! I'm sorry momma, I'm so sorry!" Oh, my heart. I just told her accidents happened and silly sleepers are so hard to get off when you're only almost 4. We cleaned up quickly and both ran back to my bed to, thankfully, find a still sleeping Brian. We snuggled up on the other side of the bed and I just held her. She was so disappointed in herself, I could feel it.

I was so wrapped up in trying to reassure her that I had completely ignored the fact that my toe was THROBBING. Analee decided she wanted to get up so when she hopped out of bed, I took a peek at my pinky toe and discovered a nice little mess. Blood...all over my sheets. A trail to the bathroom, through the kitchen, and hallway. My poor little toenail hanging by a thread.

Honestly, my first thought was "Who's gonna come tell me it's okay and clean up this mess??" Here my almost 2 year old was sleeping the morning away, something that never happens, and the world is falling apart all around me so I can't even enjoy it with him. But I chose to just lay there with him. The sheets needing washing anyway. I fell back asleep and there we snoozed until 9:15. When we rolled out of bed, I took a deep breath, sucked up my search for sympathy, and gathered the bedsheets & pee soaked jammies, and started the laundry. Breakfast has been served, and coffee is sitting in front of me. The children are having a pretend picnic.
Life is still good.

Oh happy day.


April said...

I commend you for being able to go back to sleep. You really did get it right. Fleeting moments are gone too quickly, and sheets needing to be changed wouldn't matter when at the end of the day. You are such a great mom. I'm so sad for Analee! What a doll.

Katie said...

This made me smile. Not just because of the way you wrote it, but because of the attitude that you have. It's a "looking back laughing" in the moment attitude (if that made sense), and sometimes that is the best way to get through rough situations like your morning! Thanks for the reminder to grin and bare it. :o)