30 August, 2010

Charles Gregory

Charles Gregory
11/11/10 9 lbs 4oz
10 weeks old. 13.2lbs
1 year old 23 lbs
2 years old 26 lbs

Currently 30 weeks pregnant with baby C.  I'm starting to feel "normal" though. I 'popped' kind of early and have felt huge since about 18 weeks. Everyone has been shocked to hear that I'm not that far along since pretty much day one. But now I'm feeling a little more on track with growth & 10 weeks doesn't sound so far away!

EDD: November 11th
Gender: Boy
Activity Level: WILD CHILD


I could think of SO many titles for this post:

Charles Gregory Wilson's Birth Story
The birth of Charlie Wilson
Charlie's Homebirth
Charles Wilson's water birth

Haha, it truly was AMAZING. Amazing. An experience I will never forget. And one that I want so badly to do again and again and again and again. We're not certain if we'll have more children, but in dreamland, I would have 20 more babies just to have 20 more homebirths. And NO, I'm not crazy!


10 November 2010

One day before my "due date." Throughout my entire pregnancy, I had told any and everyone who would listen that there was no way I was getting to my due date. My other two were early (Analee 4 days, Brian 2 weeks) so I just "knew" baby C would be early as well. Wishful thinking? Probably. So imagine my surpise when November 10th came around and I was *still* pregnant. I had been tossing around ideas of "inducing" myself (ie: spicy foods, chiropractic techniques, jumping, walking, herbal tinctures, etc) from about 38 weeks. Everytime I was tempted to try something, I talked myself down. I had to remind myself that he truly would come when HE was ready, that I wouldn't be pregnant forever.

I was discussing this with my midwife at my 39 week visit. She told me, "This is your experience. What do you want your story to be?" Meaning, do I really want the end of my pregnancy to be remembered as frantic & just trying to 'get it over with?' I quickly decided that I would just rest, relax, wait for baby C. The next week went on and I was so at peace. I was comfortable and any anxiety that I previously had just went away as we waited.

I kind of always felt like I would go into labor at night. So each evening as we were preparing for bed, I tidied up the house, and went over my checklists for birth. The evening of November 10th, we decided to go for a long walk before meeting up with Brandon's dad and sister for dinner. We circled the block a few times, stopping every so often so I could catch my breath and stretch out my back. Later we ate a yummy dinner at Culvers (of COURSE my "last meal" was a cheeseburger!). I had been having some strong braxton hicks contractions for a few weeks and they were starting to feel stronger, not painful, but stronger that night.

Every once in a while I go picture-taking crazy. When we got home I felt the urge to snap, snap, snap away...pictures of the children, Brandon, and myself. I later was very thankful for the impomptu photo shoot! It was our last evening as a family of 4.

We all went to bed. Goodnight.


11 November 2010

I woke up with some very strong, cramp-like contractions. Like both of my other labors, these contractions woke me from a dead sleep. Two o'clock in the morning on the dot.
(Analee's labor started at 3am sharp, Brian's at 1am sharp...interesting.)

I layed there for about 45 minutes, watching the clock. The waves of cramps came and went and didn't appear to be steady. I closed my eyes between each one and started to realize that "this is it!" and I couldn't help but smile. I was not afraid. I was READY.

I sat up in bed and woke Brandon. I just had a big smile on my face and he said "Should I call into work?" I just nodded. A few more minutes passed and I decided to get up and call my midwife. As I walked down the hall to the living room, it was like a kickstart for my contractions.

Contractions went from mild and crampy to moderately strong and close together. I quickly called my midwife and said "This is it!" and she was on her way. She had about a 45 minute drive so this is why I called her so early in labor (or what I THOUGHT was early labor).

I sent a text out to everyone else on my birth team, telling them the time had come and for them head on over.

By this time I was already needing to focus and breath through contractions. I brought the birthing ball out to the kitchen and sat on that for a while. At this time Brandon began filling the birthing pool. I remember looking up during a hard contraction and seeing Cheli come into the house. Out of all 10 people that attended the birth, her arrival was the only one I recall. She immediately jumped into "doula" action, asking what I needed and coaching me through contractions.

It's funny, I had plans all throughout my pregnancy to do some light housework, relaxing, and spending time with the kids during early labor. Little did I know that that hour from 2am-3am was my early labor and as soon as my feet hit the floor at 3am, active labor began and while I was able to relax through most of it, there certainly was no "housework" being done on my part! Thankfully, my birth team rocked and took care of everything for me.

Here is a little bit, word for word, of the birthing journal that various people wrote in during labor:

"4:01am You are laboring great. Brandon is filling up the pool! Sara, Jenn, Cheli are here. Linda just arrived; Analee watching Max & Ruby, contractions getting noticably closer. Mom just arrived as well."

Oh yes, forgot to mention...Analee woke up around 3:20am when I was making my phone calls. She was very worried that I was leaving and became very clingy. I explained to her that it was time for Baby Charlie to come see us and that I was not going anywhere. I thought to myself, how hard would that have been to have her see me leave and be gone for a few days, coming home with a little new creature? I did it that way when her brother Brian was born , and no, she's probably not scarred for life. But being able to have her be a part of the whole experience, having my children right by my side...reason #63 to have a homebirth. She was so in tune with me, she knew exactly what I needed.

Brian come trotting down the hall around 4am. I was not expecting that! I remember seeing him and just pointing to him in the middle of a contraction. LOL I don't remember who got him, but I do know that he knew there was something exciting go on and did not go back to bed. He spent a lot of time playing in the living room with his Grandpa Darin and Grandma Jucy.

Ok, back to the journal log:

"4:06am You are vomitting; going through contractions on birthing ball, Cheli helping w/ counter pressure on lower back.

4:18am Jenny arrives

4:21am contraction"

At this point, Linda asked me if I wanted to try getting in the tub. I told her I was afraid because I knew that things would probably get more intense in the water. I was also nervous to speed things up since my midwife was not there yet. I decided to wait a few more minutes.

"4:24am contraction

4:27am contraction. Analee is in the bedroom w/ you and Brian is walking through the kitchen, livingroom with your mom.

4:30am Rosy arrives

4:31am contraction
4:33am contracton

4:36am You get in birthing pool

4:37am contraction; they are getting longer and more intense

4:40am contraction. Linda checks heart tones

4:43am contraction

4:47am contraction; Analee says "Baby Charlie is coming!"

4:51am contraction. Jenny & Brandon begin bringing boiling water in to control water temp.

4:54am contraction

4:58am contraction; you say you think you're pushing 'a little'

4:59am Linda checks heart tones, Brian is eating Kix at the table"

At this time, I starting getting "grunty" and letting out little involuntary grunt pushes. When asked if I felt like pushing, I whispered "I don't know." I'm not much of a talker when I'm in labor. :) The end of each hard contraction was met with a grunt and push. Again, my body was doing this all on it's own. Even in that intense moment, I was in awe at what was going on with very little effort on my part.

My mom and Cheli were sitting on the floor in front of me, verbally coaching me through contractions and letting me squeeze their hands. Brandon was offering physical support and giving counter pressure on my lower back. I may or may not have yelled "Get on my back!" at one point during labor. Haha!
At 5:05am is when my midwife noted that I began actively pushing. I think the little grunty pushes went on for a while before I put much effort forth, though.
5:09am I felt a BURST and knew my water had broken. I said, "I think my water just broke." Brandon said "OH YEAH, I saw it rush through the water!"

Again, even in the intensity of the moment, I found myself totaly in my head, thinking, "This is AMAZING. I've never experienced my water breaking on it's own. This is working...I am really doing this."
From 5:15-5:42am, contractions and pushing continued.

"5:43am you said 'It burns so bad!'

5:44am push, push, push

5:45am head is out!

5:46am almost shoulders...."

During this second stage of labor (pushing) everyone in the room was so encouraging, offering calm affirmations, and reminders that I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing. No coaching me on when or how to push. No holding my breath and pushing for a count of 10. After his head was out, my midwife did let out a single "You've got to push!" because his shoulders seemed to be a little lodged. The little bugger had his arms crossed up over his shoulders. But that was just the UMPH I needed to get him out, once and for all. I few more strong pushes and...

"5:47am Baby is out!"

2 hours and 47 minutes after active labor started.

Cue tears of JOY, laughter, smiles, high fives, hugs all around.

Out of the water and straight into my arms he went. I breathed a giant sigh of relief and just reveled in the moment. I had dreamt of this moment for years. After Analee was born in '06, I knew it would be different the next time. And after Brian was born in 'o8, while his birth was definitely different than Analee's, I still knew that the next time would be peacefully done at home. And it was.

I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. I've heard people say "I don't need a medal for going through natural childbirth" and they talk about natural childbirthers like they are just trying to prove a point or win some award or title. Of course I didn't do it naturally at home for any of those reasons, but I sure did feel like Super Woman and wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I did this for my son. I did this for me and my family. My intention was to bring life into the world as perfect nature intended, for the safety of myself and my baby.

And I did it. And BOY, DID IT FEEL GOOD!


Charles Gregory Wilson born at 5:47am on his due date, November 11th, 2010

9lbs, 4oz. 20.5 inches

We are so in love.

I was able spend the next 3 days in bed with my new boy. I was so blessed by my family and friends who came to clean my house, make us food, and play with the big kids.


5/4/2013 age 2.5 and potty training
"Mommy I just went pee and it feel me so good."

Charlie often says things like "My tummy feels hurt!"  or "Fanks, you feeled me better!"  hehe

13 August, 2010

Analee Rebekah

Analee Rebekah
9/30/06 8 lbs 5 oz
1 year old 18 lbs
2 years old 22 lbs
3 years old 26 lbs
4 years old 30 lbs
5 years old 33 lbs
6 years old 36 lbs

Check out this video of Analee when she was about 7.5 months old. Brian laughs JUST like this now! Awww! I barely remember Analee as a baby, I'm so glad I have these old videos. I will post more in the future.

A snippet from a post a wrote about Analee when she was 2.5:

We have been longing, yearning, waiting, dreaming of sunshine for months. The snow is slowly melting and the temperatures are rising. I took the children out for our first walk of the year this morning. It was glorious!

Analee was just amazed at the water puddles and even enjoyed the wind hitting her face. Last year she hated the wind. I am constantly amazed at how much she changes. I am so excited to see the new things she'll discover and try this spring and summer.

Analee found her shadow! She even pointed it out, saying ,"Mommm! Shadow!" And then proceeded to laugh hysterically and chase her own shadow as well as stomping on mine. ;)

Following the leader! She walked with her hands out like this and was singing really loud. Haha!


08/13/2010 Dear Analee, I should have started this 3 years ago. I've never been a "baby book" keeper so I may not remember the exact date you got your first tooth or the first time you made the "MMMM" sound...but I do remember and still feel the joy I felt when those things happened. Every moment of your life is not only a "first" for you, but for me, as your momma, as well. You have taught me SO much about life and myself; I have found who I am and who I am supposed to be by being your mother.

Here's a little re-cap. I will add more.

Analee Rebekah Wilson

Birth Date: 09-30-06

Stats: 8 lbs, 5 oz, 20 inches long

Analee was in the 75th-90th percentile for head circ., weight, and height until she reached a year old. After that, her growth slowed down and she became a skinny mini! At her 2 year check-up, she was in the 2nd and 3rd percentile for weight and height. She will be 4 soon and we haven't been back for a "Well Child Check Up" but she is still a skinny mini. She is healthy and active and slowly gaining weight though! Those silly percentiles never made sense to me anyway. Every child is different so I try not to focus on numbers so much as the child's health and overall behavior.

Recent Analee quotes:"Lhiam, do you love your new sister Avyanah? She's beautiful and you have to be very careful with her."

"Mom, I'm tired. WAIT! I'm not gonna tell you I'm tired."
me: "Why not?"
"CUZ you will make me go to bed! I'm not gonna ever say I'm tired again."
10 minutes later....Analee is zonked out on the living room floor.

Analee (3): "Brian, YOU hold THIS ball, okay? And I will hit it with THIS bat, okay? Ready?"
Brian (22 months): "Okay A'lee."

‎"Mom, do we have any rug tape?" Uhhm...no? "Oh, ok. Just wonderin."

08/15/10 Analee is teaching me a lot about parenting. Every day it's something new and with each passing year and milestone, it gets harder and harder. I never thought about discipline and how I would handle these obstacles. Time outs worked when she was 2-3 and sometimes even just a "stern" talking to worked. But lately she has learned that she can just SOB and wail around when she is being disciplined, completely ignoring everything I say, leaving me dumbfounded and speechless. So last night...we tried a new approach. :) Analee was given an early bedtime because she refused to clean up a messy mess she made in the living room. Early bedtime with no privledges (TV and i-touch). I explained what a "privledge" was and she really seemed to get it. Well her 8pm bedtime turned into 9:45pm because of the fight she put up, but I didn't back down. I guess time will tell if she really learned anything, though I think she did because this morning she was very sweet with me and said "Momma, I'm sorry I throwed a tantrum last night. Do I get my 'pridgaledges' back today?" I told her that yes, it was a new day and we would start all over. But that today she would not get so many chances to listen and follow the rules.

So, it's a new day. Starting fresh. I still feel a little flustered from our several hour battle but that's not what is important. Even at 3 years and 11 months old, Analee needs & deserves a clean slate and a forgiving mother. Someone remind me of these "silly" transgressions when she is 16 and needing some SERIOUS forgiveness and slate cleaning!

8/18/10 Just a quick quote for this morning...I don't want to forget this one! Analee is playing with her dollies and told me that she has diapers, bottles, and toys in her diaper bag. I asked her if her baby would be having nummies or a bottle and she said "Sometimes she just needs a bottle. But she likes nummies more." And then a few minutes later she came out, "nursing" her baby and said "Mom, I just filled up my boobies for Baby Sally. She's happy."

8/20/10 Just walked in on Analee sitting on her bed wearing her new Jessie towel. She said "My dolly is having a baby and I'm Jessie midwife."

Last night we were taking a bath together and when I lay back in the tub, she asked,
"Why are you layin' down in the tub?"
me: "Well because I worked really hard today."
Analee: silence
me: "Do you think I worked hard today?"
Analee: "Hmmm....not really."

8/26/10 Analee & Brian have been sleeping in the same room since Brian was about 8 months old. Analee almost always comes into our bed at night & sometimes will just go to bed WITH us instead of ever going to her bed. I've been trying to be better about making her sleep in her bed for naps & at night so when the baby comes, he won't be waking her up in my room. Surprisingly it is going very well! Normally I lay them down for a nap at the same time and they both go right to sleep. But today they are having too much fun giggling and jumping up as soon as I leave the room.

So I just went in there a few mintues ago and told her that if I hear them GIGGLING one more time that she'll have to turn and face the wall (which she doesn't like, for some reason, but I know that they won't talk if he can't see her face.) She said "ok" and I left the room again. Well within 2 minutes they were both laughing and playing again so I went back in and told her to face the wall. She says, with much enthusiasm, "But MOM! I wasn't even JIGGLING at all. Brian was JIGGLING!" She was so serious but I could not keep a straight face! It was one of those moments where you just have to walk away so they don't see you laughing hysterically.

February 23, 2012
Really? Have I really neglected this post for over a year and a half?? A lot has happened in that time as I'm sure you can imagine. Analee became a big sister again! Our Charlie-Boy was born on November 11th, 2010. Analee was in the room, right next to me as I delivered her little brother at home that morning. She was so strong and observant. Her gentle presence was comforting & I am so honored to have had her be very much a part of that experience.

We began our first year of homeschooling this year. And by "began" I mean we didn't do anything differently than what we'd been doing for 5 years. :) We almost had her enrolled in public preschool when one day, it just...I don't know...didn't feel right. I had this sudden, strong change of heart and couldn't get homeschooling off of my mind. After many discussions and days of praying about it, we decided that homeschooling would just be an extension of the way we'd been raising her already. We have always been an "attached" and close-knit family and we felt that her education and social interactions shouldn't be any different. I should start a post all about homeschooling...some day. :)


Here is a blog I wrote back in 2006 when I was pregnant with Analee. Oh the words and thought process of a new mother. I laugh a little as I read parts of this, cry a little when I remember savoring every second of that pregnancy. My sweet Analee is almost 3 1/2 now. My sweet, hilarious, smart, gentle, momma's girl.

[14 Jul 2006 | Friday]
"my beloved"

I guess it's been a little bit since I've written one of these. I had my latest doctor appointment this past Wednesday. Everything is looking great! I am officially in the home stretch, only 12 weeks to go. That thought makes me SO excited and happy. Yet at the same time I feel sick to my stomach thinking of actually going through the labor and delivery. I've told myself (up until this point) that I would be completely calm and handle everything wonderfully, I'm beginning to doubt this. Although I know it will be very painful, I'm not worried about that part. I'm just worried about my mental state of mind, I just have a feeling that I'm going to be loopy and/or delirious BECAUSE of the pain. Also just because of the mere thought of becoming a mother. For that I am ecstatic. I cannot wait until the moment I hold her for the first time. I know that I will be a basket case, bawling and laughing at the same time. I have being dreaming of that moment, really for my entire life, but vivid dreams in the past few monthes.

Sometimes when I'm just sitting and I feel AND see my entire belly shift and make a new shape, I am AMAZED at the fact that there is really a human inside of me. Its a really bizarre feeling, knowing that Brandon and I have created a person, an angel. (and now of course I'm crying)

I feel so blessed to be handed this responsibility. I could never doubt the grace and miraculous love of my Jesus again (as I've done countless times in my life) because I know that this blessing inside of me would not exsist without His hand. What a miracle!!! When you think of it that way, how could you doubt or not believe?

for a child is born to us
light of god upon her face
filled with favor and with love
she's a miracle of grace
::jason upton::


Just overheard Analee say, "Brian there is a song that says 'cry out to Jesus' and that means like when you're sad and you cry for mommy? Well you can also cry out to Jesus! That's what that means." Brian says, "Ooooooh! Well you wanna know another cool song?" She says, "Sure..."

"Go go power rangers! Mighty morphin power rangers! Dat means da power wangers are gonna fight! POW POW!"

We're a pretty diverse crowd.