12 May, 2009

Where are my babies?

"Enjoy every moment because they grow up way too fast!"

This is something I've been told by just about everyone I know. It's the kind of quote you remember, kind of laugh it, and shrug off as you wait and anticipate each new milestone. When Analee was a baby, I couldn't WAIT for her to sit up, crawl, eat big kid food, walk, talk, etc. I find myself taking things much slower with Brian, trying to keep him a baby for longer. And I can't help but really wonder, where DID my babies go?

Analee will be 3 in just five months. THREE! Soon after Brian will turn 1. While I'm so excited to have two toddlers to enjoy, I get very sad thinking about it. These years truly are going by so fast. I'm afraid that I'm going to wake up and suddenly all of my children will be adults, off living their own lives.

For now all I can do is be patient, take each day and each milestone as they come. I try not to rush things and just enjoy every moment I have with them. Afterall, tomorrow is never promised. I am so thankful, so blessed, for my little family.

mmm good!

So I've had this cook book, Deceptively Dilicious, for 2 years and have never 'used' it. Why not, you ask? Because I don't enjoy cooking. Rather, I used to HATE cooking. I hate the prep, the time it takes, all the different ingredients that are needed that I don't even like. But as Analee gets old and her eating habits seemingly are getting worse, I decided it was time to take charge and make myself learn (and enjoy!) cooking. So I dusted off the cook book and have been studying it for a week or so now. It's full of recipes where you "deceptively" sneak in veggies. I made some mac n cheese last night with a cauliflower puree and it didn't go over well. Haha.

Today I decided to make something
I KNEW everyone would like. Muffins! Nervously, I whipped up a batch of Peanut Butter Banana muffins. Sounds easy, right? It really was. I was in and out of the kitchen in 30 minutes,and that includes steaming the veggies and bake time.

They are DELICIOUS! Seriously...so yummy!Now I just have to wait until we have dessert tonight and see what Analee & Brandon's reactions are. ;)

And, just in case you were wondering, the 'deceptive'part of these
muffins is that they include CARROTS! Hehe, just don't tell Brandon or Analee that!