24 February, 2009

learning to sew.

I learned the basics of sewing back in 7th grade by Miss Peterson in Home Ec class. We made pajama pants and a purse, I think. I grew up seeing my mom sew. She made a lot of clothes for my sister Hannah, as well as dresses for both Sara and myself for formal school dances. Curtains, pajamas, dolls, blankets, and Kozee Knees! She can make it all.

I've thought about getting a machine for a few years but I'm kind of um, not disciplined, when it comes to crafts. I like to get things done FAST and don't like long, drawn-out projects. When I paint, I finish it in minutes. Maybe that's why I love abstract art. Haha, doens't take too much effort or time to schlop some paint around on a canvas. Anyway, the idea of sewing an outfit just seemed too meticulous. And when Analee was a baby, I never allowed extra "me" time...it felt selfish. I never did things I liked because I was too paranoid about leaving Analee.

Well, after 2 children, I've realized that a mother NEEDS that "me" time and a space to her own sometimes. I am so so so so thankful and blessed to have such a supportive husband who gives me that time. He loves spending time alone with the children and loves even more when I am so thrilled about accomplishing something I've been waiting for so long to do. I got groceries ALONE the other day! Hahah...it's the little things and short outtings alone that really refresh me and help me get focussed again.

ANYWAY...this blog is about sewing, remember?

Ok, so. We use cloth diapers. And a lot of women in the "cloth diapering community" that I chat in online sew amazing diapers, diaper covers, clothes, toys, EVERYTHING you can imagine. I've always been amazed and told myself I could never do anything that awesome. My mom saw a new diaper cover, called longies, that I bought and she started saying how simple they would be to make. Then I found a free pattern for the pants online and something just clicked: I can do this! Why not?? I haven't even TRIED!

(enter awesome husband)

So Brandon comes home from work yesterday. I bat my eyelashes, tell him what a productive day I had (hehe), and say "I kind of want a sewing machine." His resonse? "Why don't you and Analee go shopping and get one?" :) :) :) Ok! So off we went. Completely blind. Haha, I was looking for the cheapest and most basic one I could find. I stopped at JoAnns and all of the anti-pill fleece that I would need for diaper covers was 50% off! So I stocked up on several prints and colors and got a machine. No thread, needles, pins, or anything else. Haha, again, I had no clue what I really needed.

Later that night, after dinner, Brian and I went to my moms house with all of my new sewing supplies. My mom showed me how to use the new machine and we made 3 pairs of longies for Brian! She said it would get easier and easier after each pair and it actually kind of did. These are in NO way perfect, but I don't care. I love them and am so pumped to start making more clothing for the children. I want to find a pattern to make dresses for Analee.

03 February, 2009

let's get this started.

I am new to this blogging thing but I hope to keep up with it. I love to write and used to be so good at keeping a journal. Since I'm on the computer so much, hopefully this will be easier to keep up with rather than pen & paper.

I want to use this space for random thoughts, exciting happenings in our lives, not so exciting happenings in our lives (haha), venting (hey, everyone has to sometimes!), and of course, PHOTOGRAPHS. If you know me even in the slightest, you know that I love taking pictures of just about anything. I actually just got a brand new camera today and plan on putting that thing to good use starting immediately.

At times I may be kind of vague and other times maybe too transparent. Either way, the point is to let you in on what's going on in our little world, even if it's not always butterflies and rainbows.

Till next time...